The power of gems

Hello our dear readers. We continue to talk about the most interesting facts related to precious stones.

Precious stones have the ability to harmonize the energy in our body, strengthen memory and release people from accumulated tension. Ancient scientists believed that small shining stones turn good into evil, illness into health, sadness into joy.

Ruby, for example, helps to get rid of fears, prejudices and let go of old and unfulfilled ambitions. Increases the ardor and sensitivity of a person. Helps to find peace of mind. Ruby jewelry should be worn in order to easily defeat opponents and overcome difficulties. Rubies also help in learning. Exams will go smoothly and you will easily learn new knowledge if you have ruby ​​jewelry with you.

The power of gems

Any red gem warms the human heart, gives strength, strengthens determination. Helps to make independent decisions, forms positive thinking.

During the Renaissance, people believed that there was no poison that could affect a person wearing a ruby.

Topaz helps a person to systematize his thoughts, to clearly see what is happening around him.

It is a stone of harmony and peace of mind. Increases the thirst for knowledge and develops mental abilities. It clarifies chaotic ideas that confuse a person. Stimulates protection and energizes. Yellow color develops organizational abilities, strengthens individuality and self-confidence.

Diamond helps develop psychic abilities, helps to overcome fears and overcome weaknesses.

Strengthens the immune system, weakens the bad and enhances the good sides of its owner.

Emerald helps to maintain composure in case of sudden problems and sober thinking, restrains panic.

If a person wants peace and understanding between him and his loved ones, it is good to wear an emerald that collects negative energy and turns it into positive. Its green color symbolizes the peace, order and harmony reigning in nature.

Sapphire makes him more friendly and considerate.

Gives a feeling of lightness and independence. People who wear jewelry with this stone easily get rid of everyday problems, pay attention to really important things. Encourages spiritual development, strengthens intuition. Blue is the color of the sea and sky. It symbolizes the freedom of man, but also his insecurity.


What gems do you have in your box? Do you see their power?

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