Hello my dear readers. Today we will go to the country of one of the most luxurious jewelry materials.

Pearls are not exactly a precious stone, but they are very valuable not only as a value, but also because of their ability to influence people’s dreams. The moon rules pearls.


Pearls are a powerful symbol of light, purity and femininity. Its luminous purity has made it a symbol of spiritual wisdom and esoteric knowledge.

In ancient times, it was believed that the pearl in the shell represents the unity of fire and water, so a myth arose that the open shell was fertilized by divine rain and the light of the moon.

In ancient Chinese images, a combination of thunder and lightning appeared — a pearl symbolizing lightning in the throat of a dragon symbolizing thunder.

pearl power

Pearls are a common symbol of rebirth. He served for the Asian funeral ritual — the laying of a pearl in the mouth of the deceased.


The ancient Romans wore pearls as a talisman that protected them from all misfortunes — from shark attacks, from madness and from the pain of love. Pearl powder is still a popular remedy for all diseases in India.

In ancient Rome, pearls were a sign of respect for the upper class. Julius Caesar forbade women not from high circles to wear pearls. Pearl protects from evil and fire, it is an amulet that protects against enemies, able to overcome melancholy and insomnia.

The design of the pearl is in harmony with the structure of our dreams. Pearls grow concentrically, layer by layer. The spherical shape, soft light and layering are like dreams that entangle our consciousness.

Sea pearls affect our dreams more than freshwater pearls because salt water is a better conductor of electricity.

This allows you to establish a connection between intuition and the biocurrents of the body. Pearls stored in the bedroom will give you prophetic dreams.

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