Edgar Cayce: The Power of Stones and Crystals

Hello dear friends. We have gathered today to talk again about precious stones and their impact on us.

The famous medium and mystic Edgar Cayce, who devoted most of his life to the study of the magical forces of nature, argued that crystals and stones have special abilities that affect people.

According to Casey, the largest crystal generator is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. It radiates powerful electromagnetic energy.

Cayce claimed that ancient civilizations, and especially the people of Atlantis, used crystals to focus laser light on pyramids, obelisks, and stone monuments. Every monument or building with a crystal lattice was used by ancient people to enhance the energy of lighting.

The crystals were used to control rain and wind to hypnotize and control a certain part of the population.


Ancient priests knew how to use the power of stones and crystals. With their help, they created epidemics and diseases, instilled fears and vices, managed to subordinate them to their will.

According to Casey, with the help of stones and crystals, the ancients could slow down the development of the embryo in the womb and conduct genetic experiments.

Edgar Cayce believed that the Atlanteans and Lemurians used a combination of ultrasound and crystals. In this way, they could materialize the power of thought and erect huge stone blocks for the construction of pyramids and other ancient buildings.

Crystals and stones can encode information in the high frequency sector and use their vibrations to turn an ordinary person into a genius.

In ancient times, many dangerous diseases were treated with crystals and stones, and for the treatment of each disease, stones and crystals were processed in a special way.

Crystals and stones have magical powers, and the ancients knew how to use them. According to Edgar Cayce, very strong magic could be done with the help of stones and crystals, and with their help it could be neutralized.

These are the gems. Do you believe in their superpowers?

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