Our gold!

Hello my dear readers. Soon the attention of all athletes, as well as sports fans, will be riveted to the Beijing Olympics. We hope that our athletes will be allowed to compete, and we will be able to cheer for them.

In the meantime, we will try to remember the beautiful and bright athletes from the last Olympics.

Let’s look at the most beautiful Russian women at the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang, South Korea!

10. Julia Belomestnykh, bobsleigh team

9. Galina Arsenkina, curling

8. Victoria Moiseeva, curling team

7. Alena Zavarzina, snowboarding

6. Sofia Fedorova, snowboarding


5. Natalia Zabiyako, figure skating team

4. Victoria Zavadovskaya, freestyle

3. Angelina Goncharenko, hockey team

2. Diana Kanaeva, hockey team

1. Yulia Belorukova, cross-country skiing


These Russian athletes attracted the attention of the world not only with their sports talents, but also with their stunning appearance!

And who did you like the most?

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