The 10 Best Royal Jewelry in The Crown on Netflix

Hello dear readers. Being fans of fine jewelry, we decided to look at the site of the famous TV series The Crown, which tells about the British Royal Family.

After watching the characters, we have compiled a list of the best royal decorations in The Crown on Netflix.

Thanks to the story told in the series, we can discover a lot of interesting facts about the legendary tiaras, royal necklaces and antique earrings, as well as later choose our royal style jewelry!

1. Tiara «Knots of Love».

The Netflix replica of the Knots of Love Tiara pictured below is a royal heirloom in real life.

It was inherited by Queen Elizabeth II but originally belonged to Queen Mary. The product is encrusted with many diamonds and decorated with 19 hanging pearls in silver and gold.

While the Netflix tiara is a perfect replica of the original, the rest of the jewelry that was shown alongside it in Season 2, Episode 1, Misadventure is not historically accurate, as is the turquoise dress we see the Queen wear on ballet, where she first sees Philippe’s supposed mistress!

2. Princess Diana’s pearl drop earrings.

During her lifetime, Princess Diana was often photographed wearing pearl earrings.

The ones in which actress Emma Korine is pictured below from season four (where we watch Princess Diana’s trip to New York in 1989) are replicas, along with a white dress and matching bolero jacket.

We believe the earrings in The Crown were meant to represent the elegant pearl and diamond drop earrings that the real Diana received as a wedding present from London jewelery house Collingwood.

3. Queen’s sapphires at a meeting with Jackie Kennedy.

The Queen is depicted in Season 2 wearing a blue dress and color-matched blue sapphire jewelry, including earrings, a necklace and a brooch, when she meets US President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie.

We’re not sure if the jewels are replicas, but we believe they are at least a nod to one of the Queen’s favorite sapphire parures (a set of gems meant to be worn together), which was a wedding gift from her father, the King. George VI.

We know that Queen Elizabeth II has altered some of her sapphire jewelry over the years, making her father’s gift necklace shorter and adding a pendant, so it’s entirely possible that the necklace pictured on The Crown looks exactly like it originally did.

4. Tiara «Fringe» of Queen Mary and diamond jewelry.

Among the most realistic jewelry replicas, as well as one of the best royal pieces in The Crown on Netflix, is the tiara pictured below. It is a replica of the Queen Mary tiara.

It was ordered by the Queen’s grandmother. Her Majesty wore it — and famously broke it — in real life on her wedding day. Apparently, the accident occurred when Elizabeth II was handling a family heirloom shortly before the wedding ceremony. Therefore, Garrard & Co Jewelers had to hastily repair it on site.

(You may notice a slight tear in the tiara in official wedding photos!)

After the wedding, the real queen sometimes wore the tiara at formal events. She is even depicted wearing it in her portrait.

In The Crown, the Queen’s outfit is a tiara paired with a turquoise ball gown and a diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings that, while fictional, look amazing.

5. Emeralds of the Queen during her dance in Ghana.

The magnificent Vladimir Tiara is considered another of the Queen’s favorite pieces of jewelry.

She was smuggled out of Russia when during the 1918 revolution.

The tiara was sold to Queen Mary, who remade it so that it could be set with emeralds or pearls. Queen Elizabeth II later inherited the tiara and has worn it regularly ever since.

In the series, the depiction of the Queen wearing a tiara with emerald earrings and necklace while dancing with Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah in 1961 is historically accurate.

6. Wedding earrings from Spencer Tiara & Diana.

On her wedding day, Diana Spencer wore the Spencer tiara, which had belonged to her family since the 1700s. The pear-shaped diamond drop earrings she wore on her wedding day actually belonged to her mother, The Honorable Frances Shand Kydd.

Both of these pieces were faithfully reproduced at The Crown, along with Diana’s exquisite 1980s-inspired wedding dress.

7. Maggie’s pearl earrings.

Margaret Thatcher is a controversial character in history, but it’s undeniable that The Crown has an unforgettable hero in her. It’s impossible to forget her pearl button earrings, which are featured regularly throughout Season 4.

Pearl earrings are, in fact, an integral part of the wardrobe of powerful women. The Queen, Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Kamala Harris and many other famous women often appear wearing pearl earrings during state dinners or special occasions.

8. Double strand of queen pearls.

In the very first episode of The Crown, we saw the royal wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Aside from the Queen Mary’s fringed tiara, the Queen’s pearls are her most famous bridal piece.

Claire Foy wears a similar thread in The Crown. The actual double strand of pearls owned by the Queen (and worn many times since her wedding) is actually two separate necklaces.

9. Diamond Diadem earrings with pear cut diamonds.

The diamond diadem is a real crown that was originally made for Mary of Modena, the royal wife of King James II, which she was to wear at his coronation in 1685. It is made of diamonds and is now valued at over £20 million.

Along with these items in the series, the fictional queen wears a large pair of pear-cut diamond earrings, which we believe are not replicas.

10. Crown

And last but not least… the Crown. This is the most stunning piece on our list of the best royal pieces in The Crown on Netflix: St. Edward’s Crown is the most important of all crowns in the British monarchy. It is used only for the coronation of kings and queens. It was originally commissioned for the coronation of Charles II in 1649.

Such beauty is available to us today thanks to the historical series «Crown». Are you watching it? What decoration do you like the most?

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